The Deep Maker Lab FAQ

Important information for new learners at The Deep Maker Lab

Any MIT student who has received shop specific orientation at The Deep. We especially encourage students who have taken a class with us to come back and practice on their own projects. We are also a Lodge for frosh who have completed the MakerLodge checkoff.

First, contact a mentor or staff on duty. Report all issues, no matter how small. They can help with routine troubleshooting, and often suggest an alternate process to improve your results. You can also email thedeep-mentors@ or use the Maintenance Form

For Class 1 & 2 tools that you have experience on, ask a mentor for a quick orientation to our practices and policies. If you are uncertain about how to effectively use a tool, ask a mentor - they are here to help!

For Class 3 & 4 tools, you need a training class, either with us in The Deep, or at another shop, subject to acceptance by Deep staff. If a mentor is available, they can operate the equipment with you, but may have to stop if the shop becomes busier.

We are always looking for students to join us as mentors and help share the excitement and empowerment of making with their peers.

Use of The Deep and many consumables are free for students. The following raw materials have a cost, and are paid through Mobius with MakerBucks, TechCash, or credit card.

  • Waterjet machine time
  • Form2 resin
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Casting Resins
  • Plywood Sheets

Yes, open hours at The Deep support personal projects! The Hobby Shop is another on-campus resource for personal projects.

Yes! The Deep is a great place to work on class projects in a multi-disciplinary environment. If your group wants to meet here, they all need shop orientation. Your class projects will not have special priority at deadlines - there are departmental shops that serve that purpose.

Yes! Prototyping is encouraged in the Deep. We are focused on education and experimentation, so production runs and product deadlines will not have special priority over other uses. Students should be primary authors of, or on the leadership team for, entrepreneurial projects. In other words, do not use The Deep as a job shop executing others' ideas for profit.


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